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Welcome to St. Mary Presentation's website.  We hope that this website will be a useful tool for communication both among those who are members of our church community and for those who are "just curious" about our Church and our Faith.

For your convenience and by popular request we have added an event calendar to our “Calendar and Bulletin” page.  We hope that this new feature will be helpful in avoiding time conflicts and allowing an easy way to see all the activities planned for our parish.

Schedules for the Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers can now all be found on the "Liturgy/Ministry" pages.

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Mass Schedule

Saturday        5:30 PM
Sunday          8:30 and 10:30 AM
Monday        NO MASS
Tuesday        (Rosary at 8:30AM)    9:00 AM
Wednesday  (Rosary at 8:30AM      9:00 AM
Thursday      (Rosary at 8:30AM)    9:00 AM
Friday           (Rosary at 8:30AM)    9:00 AM

Reconciliation: Saturday 4:30PM or anytime by appointment.
Baptism: Contact Father Kevin.
Marriage: Contact Father Kevin at least four months prior to the proposed marriage date.

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Nepal Earthquake Relief
Please join with Catholics across the U.S. in responding to our suffering brothers and sisters through a special collection for Catholic Relief Services in Nepal. Can you help? Please make checks out to "Catholic Charities Spokane - Nepal Relief", and mail to P.O. Box 2253, Spokane, WA 99210.


Contact Your Elected Representatives
202.456.1111  Barack Obama  (Eastern Time Zone)
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509.353.2507                              (Spokane Office)
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509.624.9515                              (Spokane Office)
202.225.2006 Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Eastern
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509.353.2374                              (Spokane Office)
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Spokane Diocese Gets a New Bishop
While still in California, Bishop Daly gave an interview the Inland Register. Here are some of his thoughts and comments:
--“At its foundation, priestly ministry has the core, intrinsic aspect of availability.”

--“I tried to stress that to the guys when I was a rector,”... “good parish priests are there for the people. That’s what we are. It doesn’t always seem as adventurous as with the Religious orders -- we’re general practitioners -- helping people with their spiritual needs, coping with the needs and stresses of raising a family, and the importance of faith in day-to-day life."

--"Like the basis for other expressions of a life of faith, it begins with prayer, but it’s a simple, personal approach.”

It’s the spirituality of St. Vincent de Paul, to whom Bishop Daly has a special devotion:

 --“Basically faith in action. Mass every day, Morning Prayer, Adoration in the evening that would gradually build up to a full hour, with service to the poor.”

In addition to his role in celebrating
Confirmations -- he recently ordained a man as a Carmelite priest -- much of his ministry was in the area of education: reorganization of a parish high school, heading a drive to build a new high school, in addition to a regular round of visits to parishes and schools. But perhaps most of all, he wants the Church in Eastern Washington to hear a clear message:

--“I’m here for you. That’s it. I think people want to get to know you.” It takes time for them to “get to know you, and for you to get to know them.

--“Obviously, you have demands outside the diocese. Sometimes you have to be away. But I’m here for you. A lot of people, priests and laity, are pulled in different directions. There’s a lot of stress and pressure on people. As a bishop, through grace and ability, I hope to lead them. I would hope that that’s what I can provide.”

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Todd Koesel Ordained
Todd Koesel from our parish was ordained to the priesthood on March 19 at our Lady of Guadalupe Trappist Abbey in Carlton, Oregon.


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