Parish News
Knights Host 6th Annual Pumpkin Pacer

Registration was handled electronically this year                             The rain did not stop people from coming out for what is
                                                                                                           becoming a Halloween tradition.


 The kids race was first.                                                                     And despite the rain, everyone was out to have a good time.

Plan on coming out to run or walk the course next year!

Spokane Diocese Gets a New Bishop
While still in California, Bishop Daly gave an interview the Inland Register. Here are some of his thoughts and comments:
--“At its foundation, priestly ministry has the core, intrinsic aspect of availability.”

--“I tried to stress that to the guys when I was a rector,”... “good parish priests are there for the people. That’s what we are. It doesn’t always seem as adventurous as with the Religious orders -- we’re general practitioners -- helping people with their spiritual needs, coping with the needs and stresses of raising a family, and the importance of faith in day-to-day life."

--"Like the basis for other expressions of a life of faith, it begins with prayer, but it’s a simple, personal approach.”

It’s the spirituality of St. Vincent de Paul, to whom Bishop Daly has a special devotion:

 --“Basically faith in action. Mass every day, Morning Prayer, Adoration in the evening that would gradually build up to a full hour, with service to the poor.”

In addition to his role in celebrating
Confirmations -- he recently ordained a man as a Carmelite priest -- much of his ministry was in the area of education: reorganization of a parish high school, heading a drive to build a new high school, in addition to a regular round of visits to parishes and schools. But perhaps most of all, he wants the Church in Eastern Washington to hear a clear message:

--“I’m here for you. That’s it. I think people want to get to know you.” It takes time for them to “get to know you, and for you to get to know them.

--“Obviously, you have demands outside the diocese. Sometimes you have to be away. But I’m here for you. A lot of people, priests and laity, are pulled in different directions. There’s a lot of stress and pressure on people. As a bishop, through grace and ability, I hope to lead them. I would hope that that’s what I can provide.”

Bishop Daly is Installed as Seventh Bishop of the Diocese of Spokane
Fr. Al was one of many diocesan priests who participated in                 One of Bishop Daly's first acts as Bishop of Spokane was to offer Mass.
Bishop Daly's installation.

The recessional at the end of Mass.
Deacon Perry was also part of the celebration.

Two nights later, Bishop Daly came to St. Mary Presentation for First Eucharist and Confirmation. At the reception afterwards, Altar Society president Dolly Boucher presented Bishop Daly with gifts of chocolate, a St. Mary pin, welcome card, and a history of our parish.  Cake and coffee were enjoyed by all.

Father Todd Koesel Ordained in Oregon

Father Todd Koesel and Father Dominique Nelson were ordained to the priesthood on the Feast of St. Joseph, March 19, 2015, at Our Lady of Guadalupe Trappist Abbey in Carlton, Oregon.  His Excellency, Alexander King Sample, D.D., Archbishop of Portland in Oregon was the presider.  Many parishioners from St. Mary Presentation were in attendance.  The ordination was followed by a buffet luncheon provided by the monks which was enjoyed in the "garth," a beautiful outdoor garden in the middle of the monastery buildings.
    Fr. Todd recently finished his studies at St. John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota, and Fr. Dominique, who is the Prior (second in charge after the abbot) of the monastery, did his theology work at St. Anselmo in Rome.
    Fr. Todd is the son of Dennis and Nola Koesel. 

Newly ordained Fr. Todd Koesel                                   The Chapel at the Monastery*


Fr. Todd Koesel and Father Dominique Nelson concelebrate their first Mass*

Fr. Al from our parish participates*                                                                 Fr. Todd with his parents, Dennis and Nola Koesel*

*These photos provided by Merle Gray*