Daytime Bible Study 

Daytime Bible Study                                                                                             Jolene Moeller 509.276.8918
    Daytime Bible study explores the Scriptures as a way to increase our faith as we are transformed by God’s Word.


Prayer Chain    

Prayer Chain                                                                                                           Annette Roy 509.276.5625
     Our prayer chain group reaches out to those in need of prayers during a difficult time.  Members are contacted by phone or e-mail to carry out the request.



     Praying the Rosary promotes devotion to Mary and contemplation upon the Mysteries of Christ.  The Rosary is prayed Tuesday through Friday at 8:30AM - before 9:00AM daily Mass.

First Friday 

First Friday                                                                                                            Paula Bacon  509.233.8259
    First Friday Devotion offers the opportunity for prayerful reflection on the call to a deeper devotion to the Holy Eucharist and a more faithful living of the Christian life.

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